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​Table of Contents

  1. Background

  2. Course overview

  3. Support

  4. Course registration process

  5. Frequently asked questions

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is a web-based self-paced training platform founded collaboratively by the University of Miami and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

The courses are module-based, and modules can be completed at your own pace. Each course is set up with required, elective and optional modules. The courses include a quiz after each module to test the learner’s knowledge. In addition, learners can obtain a completion certificate after successful completion to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory requirements for education in the respective topics.

Important Note: CITI Program access is granted to only active employees and active students who fill out the consent form.

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Allow 24 hours for the course registration process to complete ​


1. Background

The CITI Program includes many expert teams of writers, editors and reviewers, who create training content. These materials reach millions of global research community members at thousands of subscribing organizations.

These courses help the professional development of researchers and promote research with human participants to be conducted in a manner that is appropriate, safe, responsible, ethical and meets the guidelines, regulations and legislation in Canada. For instance, the Responsible Conduct of Research course is a compliance requirement for Tri-Agency funds holders.

The CITI-Canada curriculum consists of eight courses that are divided into modules and quizzes. The completion certificates are generated for successful learners.

In Canada, the Network of Networks (N2) has the right to add and modify all CITI content to ensure it reflects and meets the educational needs of the Canadian research environment. N2 is a national initiative that brings together multiple existing disease networks, institutions, hospitals, and universities to enhance Canada's research capability and capacity. 

KPU through the generous sponsorship of Clinical Trial BC part of Michael Smith Health Research BC, can provide researchers with free access to these courses.



2. Course overview

S#Course titleWho shall take the course?



1Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)Highly recommended for all faculty, research staff and research students4A compliance requirement for a Tri-Agency funds holder. Provides a solid foundation of knowledge relating to the norms, principles, and rules governing responsible life and physical science research in Canada.
2Social and Behavioral Research Ethics Recommended for Social and Behavioral researchers and research staff and research students4Provides information about the ethical conduct of social and behavioural research with human participants. Covers the current version of the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) in detail.
3Transportation of Dangerous Goods/ International Air Transport
Association (TDG/IATA)
Recommended for Principal investigators (PIs), research staff, lab managers and students2Specific training to ensure that all people conducting research with dangerous materials, agents or devices are in compliance with all applicable laws.
4The Biomedical Research Ethics TutorialRecommended for Biomedical researchers and research students2Assists in the understanding and application of principles of ethics, ethics guidelines, regulations and legislation when conducting biomedical research. Covers the current version of the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) in detail.
5Good Clinical Practice-BasicRecommended for clinical researchers, research staff and research students4Presents ICH-E6 R2-GCP standards as they relate to clinical trials. Include regulations such as Health Canada Food and Drug Regulations-Division 5; and Tri-Council Policy Statement requirements.
6Good Clinical Practice-Refresher Recommended for clinical researchers, research staff and research students4Includes a refresher of the Good Clinical Practice Basic course.
7Health Canada Division 5 - Drugs for Clinical Trials Involving HumansRecommended for clinical researchers, research staff and research students4Researchers involved in clinical drug trials. Covers all research subject to Division 5 and provides solutions and methods for complying with the Regulations.
8Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC)- CanadaRecommended for clinical researchers and their coordinators4Provides basic understanding of the elements involved in being a CRC. This course is intended as foundational role-based training for learners needing basic CRC training or organizations needing onboarding training for new CRCs.


The courses are module-based, and modules can be completed at your own pace. Each course is set up with required, elective and optional modules. The courses include a quiz after each module to test the learner’s knowledge.

A mark of 80% is required to complete a course. A passing score applies to an overall 80% obtained for a course, not per module.

You may retake the course to improve your score. Only the latest score will be displayed and count toward your completion score.


The learner can obtain a completion certificate after successfully completing the course. The certificate can be used to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory requirements for education in the respective topics. 

Once you have completed the course, you will receive an email notification and a link to the certificate.

Please download a copy for your records. You will be able to access your certificates within your CITI profile as long as you are an active student or employee. Course content will still be available to you after you complete the course during this period.


If you require assistance with setting up your account or with any questions, please contact Taranum Sultana.


​3. Support 

 Here's essential guidance and resources.

  1. Getting Started: Use the CITI Program the getting started guide or watch the getting started video for registration assistance
  2. Student Registration Issues: Contact IT Service support at servicedesk@kpu.ca
  3. Course Registration Questions: Email taranum.sultana@kpu.ca
  4. Technical Support: For site issues, reach support@citiprogram.com
  5. Course Details and FAQs: Visit this page ​​


4. Course registration process

  • KPU Affiliation: You must have a valid KPU email account to access the CITI Program(@kpu.ca). See FAQs (Q # 6). Required to fill out the form with your name and email address.
  • Go to the CITI Program website to log in.
  • Use the getting started guide or watch the getting started video for step-by-step guidance through the registration process.
  • Login with Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.
  • From the dropdown menu select ’Kwantlen Polytechnic University’ (KPU) as your organization, and also agree to the terms of service.
  • Press the ‘Continue ’ button.

Complete your profile by providing your first and last name and your email address.

  • Please enter your name, it will be reflected on your completion report and certificate at the course end.

  • It is highly advised that you use your KPU email account. Please note that inactive or external accounts will be removed from the system.

  • After logging in, your starting point is the courses page.

You can select course(s) at the time of registration. You may add courses at a later time.

  • Click the View Courses button next to the affiliation to begin courses.

After you click on the View Courses button for an affiliated institution, you will see a course listing for that institution.

The course listing is divided into

  • Active Courses (courses you have started)
  • Courses Ready to Begin (not yet started)
  • Completed Courses

How to add courses at a later time

  • Go to the CITI Program website.
  • Go to the ‘Log In’ button to log in to your account.
  • Go to ‘Main Menu’.
  • Select ‘Kwantlen Polytechnic University Course’ option.

5. Frequently asked questions

  1. Does KPU require me (faculty/student/research staff) to take these courses?

    KPU highly recommends the courses to faculty involved in research, their research staff and students involved in research. Students will have to submit certificates to the PI manually.

    The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course is highly recommended to the research community at KPU. Additionally, RCR is requested as a compliance requirement for Tri-Agency fund holders since it is in line with the Tri-Agency Framework of Responsible Conduct of Research.

  2. I am a Social and Behavioral Research student and need a completion certificate for the Social and Behavioral Research Course. Does the REB office automatically receive a copy of the certificate upon course completion on the CITI Program site?

    Students requesting REB approval of their project need to submit their certificate of completion (or the CORE Tutorial certificate) along with the ethics application. The REB office does not receive copies directly from the CITI Program.

    Faculty and staff are recommended to complete, for instance, the RCR course and attach their certificate of completion alongside the TCPS2 CORE Tutorial certificate.

  3. Can the PI / Supervisors access my course results?

    Your supervisor will only have the certificate you send them personally. You are responsible for disclosing your certifications to the necessary offices that need them. They will not have access to your certificate or any record that you have completed your course.

  4. What is the process of logging in to the CITI Program course?

    Please follow the link given below.

  5. Can I retrieve my certificates from the CITI Program course website once I leave KPU?

    KPU Alumni and former employees will have access to the CITI Program course certificates for future use. Please contact the CITI Program support service atsupport@citiprogram.org

  6. I am a guest researcher at KPU; what is the procedure for registering for CITI Program courses?

    Guest researchers are required to contact Taranum Sultana to provide access to the Citi Program learner list.​